annual patron drive

To our families, patrons and supporters of StageStruck,

Our annual patron drive is beginning. This year, perhaps more than any other, we will earnestly rely on the continued support of our generous donors. StageStruck's roots are in volunteerism and in people organizing and giving of their time, talents and monetary gifts with a common goal for supporting the youth of Wayne County and surrounding areas as they pursue the arts. Whether it is a performance, a class or a summer camp, StageStruck aims to continue to provide rich experiences and lasting bonds for students and families. We are thirty years strong, and despite this pause in our plans, we will continue to work tirelessly to fill the studio with creativity, dancing and voices and to raise the curtain again! We appreciate you all!

With warmest regards,

The Executive Committee of StageStruck

#StageStruckStrong #RaisetheCurtain2020